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Notion CV

Turn your resume into an impressive personal website
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Spoker Marketing

Get professional testimonial videos, effortlessly
No Gimmies Golf Co. Brandkit & Design

No Gimmies Golf Co.

Lifestyle brand, apparel & accessories for the above-average golfer

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Rodion kutsaev 0vgg7cqtwco unsplash Rodion kutsaev 0vgg7cqtwco unsplash

I recorded every mobile ad I saw for a week. Here's what I learned.

I decided to run an experiment with a survey sample of one.

The goal was to collect all the mobile ads that I was served over a long enough period of time that the results would be interesting.

Susan yin ctaj hcqw84 unsplash (1) Susan yin ctaj hcqw84 unsplash (1)

Use the Jobs to be done framework to write better copy (and political speeches)

How to sell your product/platform to your target customer/voter..

...voter attitudes and behavior are complex and unpredictable - as are consumer habits. To understand what motivates consumer/voter decision making, it helps to take a step back from trying to convince your target audience. Devote some time and energy into understanding their goals and needs first.

27aristotle superjumbo 27aristotle superjumbo

Aristotle the Influencer

If your goal is to convince your audience to take action, then you have to present a compelling argument. In Rhetoric, Aristotle discusses 3 types of persuasion. 2000 years later, these categories are still helpful in understanding persuasive communication.

X for y story (1) X for y story (1)

What is "X for Y" & how to define your value proposition

Help potential customers truly appreciate your value with this quippy, sticky marketing framework

WeWork for Quilting Studios - DoorDash for Dog Groomers - Fiverr for Financial Models